[ FOCUS ON ] Antonella, Vehicle Testing Engineer at MCA Engineering Italy

Hello Antonella, could you introduce yourself shortly ?

I am Antonella and I’m from a small town in southern Italy. I graduated at the master’s program in Mechanical Engineering at Università della Calabria, in Cosenza. After my graduation, I started to look around and MCA caught my attention. It gave me the idea of a young company with a strong will to grow, as much as I did.

Can you tell us about the project you are currently working on at FPT?

I am currently working at FPT as a Vehicle Testing Engineer.

I deal with the phases that drive the free market customers from the technical specifications of the engine that best suits their particular application, to run the tests necessary for the release of the application once the engine is correctly installed on the vehicle so that everything is in line with FPT specifications. I also take care of solving unexpected problems that may arise during the engine life, and this is the most fun part.

What do you enjoy most about this project, and what have you learned so far?

Studying at university allows you to discover the theory behind everything, which is a great chance because it opens your mind but sometimes with the risk of starting to loose practice. Right after my graduation I felt the need to be on the field and this job is perfect for this purpose. Moreover, the applications are always different from each other so every time there are so many new things to learn.

Any advices for someone who would like to do the same career?

Be curious, be humble. Keep a positive attitude towards what you do not know because you are about to learn something new and it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Would you see yourself continue working in the automotive field or would you like to change at some point?

I have just started this job and I like what I do; these two reasons do not lead me to think about a change right now but I am a dynamic person and I do not exclude the possibility of changing one day.

What do you prefer about working with MCA?

The opportunity to share work experiences with the other colleagues that work in MCA for other companies and the unquestioned support of MCA managers.

If you had to describe MCA in 3 words what would they be?

Young, careful and, to stay on topic, I would also say propulsive.

Could you describe a typical day at work?

If I'm in the office I usually start working at 8 in the morning and I start doing the activities planned for that day. Otherwise, if I work outside the office and at the clients sites the working day changes every time according to the tests that have to be performed or to the problems encountered.

What would be the next step for you, career wise?

Improving day after day, becoming everyday more independent and probably one day moving to another country.

In your opinion, what is the best thing about working in Turin? What activities you’d recommend to someone who wants to come for a weekend?

The best thing about working in Turin is that there’s always something interesting to do and since I love going to the concerts and to the theater Turin suits me perfectly. Of course it’s a beautiful city and there’s a lot to visit but since I moved here my favorite place to visit during the weekends is the Langhe, one of Italy’s top wine producing regions which is really near to Turin. So if you love good food, wine, vineyard covered hills topped with castles and pretty towns I would absolutely recommend to visit it.

And lastly, one fun fact about you? 😊

I am pretty reckless. I really enjoy adrenaline-rush activities like paragliding, canyoning, zip-lining, etc but since I grew up in a seaside town I have never measured myself with snow sports and now that I live in Turin I'll at least have to learn how to ski sooner or later !

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