MCA Engineering Italy is in Rome !

Today, we are doing a highlight on the brand new opening of an MCA office in Rome. We are joined by the two leaders of this project: Giacomo (MCA Engineering Italy Managing Director) and Massimiliano (Business Unit Director).

Hello to both of you! Thank you so much for participating to this interview. Today we are talking about the fact that MCA Engineering Italy is not only present in Turin anymore, but also in Rome, the capital. Congratulation on this new move!

First question would be of course: why opening an office in Rome?

Giacomo: MCA Group is boosting the growth in Italy and my job is to address the investment where we could be more successful. We knew Massimiliano few months ago and then we decide to open Rome. To be successful we need first the right person on board, second, for sure being on a huge and spread market like the Rome has.

Massimiliano: Because here there are a lot of opportunities even if the market is not so simple, but succeeding here, in my opinion, is a needed step for a company that wants to be an important player in the Italian market.

Massimiliano, you are new to MCA. Could you introduce yourself in a few words so we can get to know you better? (student path, first jobs, hobbies…)

I got my degree in Electronic Engineering in RomeLa Sapienza” and then started working as researcher in the same university in the field of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence. When I left university, I was Chief Technical Officer for an Italian company working in the field of Physical security systems and then I joined the consultancy world more or less fifteen years ago moving to Turin. I started as senior consultant working in the aerospace industry but after two years I switched to business development activities in engineering field. In these years I have worked for different multinational consultancy companies, as business development manager and then as branch office manager, moving back to Rome, creating and managing new subsidiaries and business in engineering field, information technologies, pharma and oil&gas industries. In my free time I love travel and enjoy my family and of course watching football matches of AS Roma!

In your opinion, what would define the future success of MCA “Rome”?

Giacomo: In Rome we will have the “real market differentiation”: Aerospace, IT, Pharma to give the main sectors.

Massimiliano: We need to stay focused on meeting clients building relationship with them, while transforming needs in real projects. On the other side we need a rapidly growing also in the local structure and staff, on both recruiting and business development teams.

Massimiliano, you are the leader on that project, leading to lots of responsibilities. For you, which are the main qualities you have and need to have to be the most successful Business Unit Director possible?

You have to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve on a long term basis, but you have to stay very focused on the next simple step to do, then you have to challenge yourself and help others to do their best to reach common targets and goals.

Giacomo, which are going to be the main job positions opportunities for people who would like to join the team; not as consultants but as collaborators in the office; in the coming weeks and months?

You know, we are “3 years old” and we are growing: for sure we need to boost Recruitment and Business position on both cities.

Giacomo, do you have in mind other cities in Italy you’d like to grow to?

Milan: but I do not meet yet the right person to accept this challenge!

To both of you, any recommendations to specific things to see and do while going to Rome? As tourists? 😊

Giacomo: Have a walk in the center: Rome is a museum “en plein air”

Massimiliano: we have 2000 years of history, when you walk on the city you feel it in the air, but there is a lot of history also under our feet. It is fantastic discovering, in example, one church built in 1800 that downstairs has another church built in the IV sec. AC, and if you go downstairs again you will find an ancient temple dedicated to Mithraic cult...

Thanks a lot to you all for participating to this article. The entire MCA team is wishing you luck for growing a strong business in Rome!

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