[ FOCUS ] Huang, Calibration Engineer for MCA Engineering Italy

Today on the blog we introduce you to Huang, calibration engineer for MCA Engineering Italy. Automotive is his hobby, and he went from Turino to China to carry on a major project. Discover his story now !

1/ Hello Huang, could you introduce yourself shortly ?

My name is Huang . I studied mechanical engineering in Politecnico di Torino for both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. After my graduation in 2014 I started my career as an application engineer in an automobile company which focuses on Natural gas engine application. After 2 years of experience I knew about MCA from my former colleague who has had an interview with MCA before. He told me that MCA collaborates with FPT Industrial (an important company in automotive industry) in diesel engine sector. Because of my passion in engine application, I applied immediately to the job opportunities made by MCA.

2/ Can you tell us about the project you are currently working on in China? How happened this move between working in Italy and being sent for a few months to carry a project in China, where you come from?

In this year Chinese government announced the new GB VI legislation for the automotive industry due to the exhaust gas emission issue. So FPT Industrial would like to update their engine families for the conformity with the new GB VI legislation.Because I’m currently working on engine calibration activities with the Turin calibration team I’m familiar with the engine calibration process. And in addition, my mother tongue is Chinese so it is helpful to communicate with the calibration team in China. In the end FPT decided to send me in China to carry this project.

3/ What do you enjoy most about this project, and what have you learned so far?

In China I’m working on a new engine family with which I was not familiar before. So for me this project is challenging and I can learn more about the extra calibration methods.

4/ Any advices for someone who would like to do the same career?

The passion in automobile field is the most important thing. Continous learning and patience are necessary.

5/ If you could describe MCA in 3 words, what would those be?




6/ What brought you to work into calibration? Was it a personal interest at first?

It was a personal interest because I love watching F1from my childhood. The Scuderia Ferrari is my favorite.

7/ What is your motto in life?

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

8/ Could you describe a typical day at work?

Typically I arrive at work at 9.00am. The first thing to do is to control the oil & water level. After that usually I talk with my colleague about the things which we should carry in this day. After this mini meeting I turn on the engine to warm up the engine. When the engine is warm I start the activities of this day. Usually at 12.00 pm I have the lunch break. I share with my colleagues my opinions aboutmy work and something interesting which I see in my personal life during the lunch. When I finish the lunch I continue my activities on test bench until 6.00 pm.

9/ What would be the next step for you, career wise?

After this project I would like to try something new (maybe another engine family).

10/ What places would you recommend the most to someone who would like to visit China for the first time?

Absolutely I will recommend Wai Tan to who is going to visit China, especially Shanghai, for the first time. The panoramic view from that place is magnificent. You can see the development of Shanghai in the last 20 years from here.

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