[ FOCUS ] Luigi, Senior Business Manager at MCA ITALY

Today on the blog we present you Luigi, operating as a Senior Business Manager at MCA ITALY. He presents his background as well as his current activities.

1/ Hello Luigi, and welcome again to MCA ! Can you present yourself quickly?

Hello everyone, I graduated in biomedical Engineering in 2014 after a Master thesis in London at Imperial College. After a brief experience as Sales Representative for a little company in the medical field, I preferred evaluate my skills on technical side joining with Hologic where I spent two years as Field Service Engineer. Following this experience, I was more aware about my capacities and for this reason I accepted one of MCA's competitor offer for a role as Business Manager. There, I was corresponsable for engineering service in Piedmont with a business unit of 27 consultants! And now…. I’m in MCA! :)

2/ What convinced you to join MCA? How was your integration to the Groupe?

Compared with my last experience I chose MCA because I perceived a good balance between professionality and familiarity. During the interviews I understood very fast that the service’s quality is the first priority without neglecting any aspects related to the Manager/Consultant relationships.

3/ You attended the Impulse Program a few weeks ago: can you tell us more about this training? What did it brought you?

The Impulse Program has been an opportunity to understand Groupe’s mindset. Thanks to many colleagues coming from many countries I had the chance to understand different way to work end analyzing many typical situations. Through daily section has been easy understand the main steps for Business manager role and take different point of views thanks within an interactive team.

4/ Which are the main challenges for MCA Italy in Turin?

MCA Italy is more known for the automotive field (also thank to huge orientation of Turin city). We have many collaborations in aerospace sector but we would like increase it and in the same time grow up in the Automation Field.

5/ What is a typical day like as a Senior Business Manager?

Each day is different but always really intense 😊 Senior Business Manager have to able to keep focus on many aspects: business development, consultant career evolution (annual review, training…), supervision of the financial status of your own projects. Personally, I try to divide these 3 aspects using half day while; the remaining part of the day include meeting with customers, office tasks and many coffee 😊

6/ What does Turin brings in term of business as well as lifestyle?

In Turin, in term of placement there are many possibilities thanks to a great number of industrial companies. This brief description could sound like a classic subway city but honestly Turin is able to give many services in exchange of good level of livability. Green parks, monuments end events give to citizens the possibility to enjoy the city. Geographically, close to the mountain and sea gives the chances to change environment in few hours.

7/ In 3 words, how would you define your integration within MCA?


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