[Interview] Giacomo, MCA Engineering Italy managing director

MCA Engineering Italy is part of MCA Group, based in Turin. In a few years’ time, it has known a significant growth. Indeed, the subsidiary doubled its size in the first half of 2018.

In parallel, MCA Italy managed to consolidate its internal processes in order to valorize its team and consultants while shaping MCA identity and “way of doing”. The aim behind it? Going from a “one office start-up” approach to a “smart and agile company” one.

MCA Italy is also facing new challenges, like keeping a high-end technology consulting positioning with a top-quality behavior.

Giacomo, Director of MCA Engineering Italy, answered some questions about his office success and strategy:

How did it all started business wise in Italy when the office first opened? What was the strategy behind this subsidiary opening?

It all started 3 years ago when the company contacted me on LinkedIn with a clear objective: find a new Director to open a subsidiary in Italy. MCA was looking for an entrepreneurial talent to face this specific and new market for them. I think it is an essential quality for this business: having an entrepreneurial spirit in any single employee. Thanks to this, we know the difference between what is urgent and what is important. Our current strategy beside growing is really to find employees who have this DNA.

On which industrial sectors is MCA Italy based? Which ones are the most dynamic these days?

The next step was simple: we started by developing a sector that I know very well, automotive, which allowed us to achieve a high return on investment and, above all, to diversify. Afterwards diversifying in order to continue to develop this Italian subsidiary. We are currently in a very strong dynamic, the market being more and more receptive and as a consequence giving us the opportunity to expand again and again.

MCA Italy doubled its size in the beginning of this year. How did that happen?

Simply by allocating the necessary time to the right task but also by reorganizing the team. Today I am only focusing on entrepreneurs who are able to make mistakes, learn from them and discuss with me the right priorities. The market is not growing that strong in Italy, but since we are a small company, we do feel the market as still being a "Blue Ocean".Above all, we want to make a difference with the competition through our very strong monitoring policy, which is quite a differentiating factor for us.

The processes are really important for you. Do you think they make a huge difference in the way the business works?

Absolutely: processes are the job. Metrics are our work. On the other hand, we all talk with the same customers, but thanks to our processes and metrics we turn our acts into valuable businesses.

MCA identity is really strong. How do you participate to create a really defined company image and reputation?

I brainstormed with a colleague of mine from the Human Resources Department about this notion of "brand identity". It is always better to surround yourself with people who think "out of the box" and can give good advice. Finally, I understood that a global positioning must be consistent even locally. We must have a common vision in order to be able to "create with ambition" and support.

Your team is super involved into the growth of MCA Italy and the Group in general. Any tips and pieces of advice to federate people around a business project?

When I start an important meeting with my colleagues, I always show them the updated version of the organizational chart with names and functions. This allows everyone to feel part of the same company. Engineers and support services are at the same level! They all have a specific role. But in the end, we're all part of the same company!This really makes a difference to our consultants.Business Managers and Human Resources take care of monitoring possible developments as well as solving day-to-day issues.

Last but not least, why would you advice engineers to join MCA?

There is what I say every time to end of an interview with a candidate who is either an engineer, or a sourcing officer, or a Business Manager: “MCA is the company where you can achieve your ambitions and what you have in mind, your initiatives are noticed. You will learn day after day thanks to clear feedback and objectives from your manager”.

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