[Inside MCA ] Martin's interview

1/ Could you introduce yourself shortly (studies, first jobs, how did you heard of MCA and why did you apply)

I studied information technology at the Technical University of Munich. During my study, I worked for a drone company and developed new software for a remote control. I worked there five years, did my diplom theses there and it was my first job. To get more work experience, I decide to choose something new. I updated my LinkedIn profile and wrote some applications to few companies. One day, a recruiter from MCA contacts me and I got there a job interview. After some month, they decide to hire me and we were looking for a new project.

2/ Can you tell us about the project you are currently working on?

I am currently working for EOS GmbH, the market leader in additive manufacturing, who are producing laser-sinter machines for nearly all types of materials. A lot of industries manufacture prototypes with this laser sinter machines and think about doing the complete production with it. The problem is, that this machines are not design for production, because you have to do too much manual and can use it for 24/7 producing.Together with Daimler and Premium AEROTEC, we want to bring the next generation of additive manufacturing to series production. In this project, I am the sub-project manager for software and I lead the development of the control center for the next big machine park of laser-sinter machines and its periphery. Also, I care about the software, working on the machines.

3/ What do you enjoy most about this project, and what have you learned so far?

I came directly from the software development and this was my first job in project management. The change was difficult for me, but I like the challenge. So for me, it was a complete new work experience. I learned how to manage a project, how to get task in an agile development team, how to contact with stakeholders and many more.

4/ Any advices for someone who would like to do the same career?

When you are in a meeting, you are discussing a lot of stuff. Also, a lot of this meeting get forgotten, even if you can remember, other people don’t. So, if you discuss something, what is quite important for you, write a mail to your colleagues.

5/ What do you prefer about working with MCA?

I attended a lot of social events and talking with my MCA colleagues.

6/ What brought you to work into this industry? Was it a personal interest at first?

Mostly, I go to a company because I like the product and not the company by itself. First, it was drones, then it was software for military and now it is additive manufacturing. I often good some message in LinkedIn about new job opportunities in different industries. I am very flexible and bring a lot of experience from other companies. This experience is valuable for other industries.

7/ What is your motto in life?

If you stop to become better, you stop being good.

8/ Could you describe a typical day at work?

I start at 7am and first check and answer my mails and getting a coffee. After that, I take a look of work I have to do. Sometimes there are only meetings I attend, sometimes I am writing down technical requirements or user stories and sometimes, I try to find the problem on the machine, we have with the software. Mostly, I try to finish my day at 4pm.

9/ What would be the next step for you, career wise?

I want to finish first my projects at EOS GmbH and then, let’s see. It would be nice to have an own development team and try to coordinate their work with them. It would be also nice to be a project manager for a complete project and not only for software.

Mostly, I would prefer, if MCA Germany would have some commissional work and to be project manager of this project.

11/ What is your favorite professional memory?

When I worked for the drone company, I completely developed a software tool from the beginning until the release. It was a lot of work and it was my first big project. I was really proud, when we first released the software and make it public for all our customers. That was my most favorite memory. Now, I do something similar at EOS GmbH with the control center and hope, that will get also such a good moment there.

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